On Being Carless

Jul 13, 2016 | 2 minutes read

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For the first time in 11 years, I no longer own a car. Last night I sold my beloved BMW M3 with no intention of replacing it. I’ve become the quintessential millennial urbanite, and in true millennial fashion, I now present a first-world problem of epic proportions.

Why sell, you might ask? Living in Downtown Boston means very rarely is it necessary for me to drive - so much so that I found myself driving little more than twice a month. I prefer to walk, cycle, or take a cab - be it to meet with friends, go to dinner, or even the airport.

Bear Notch Rd
Bear Notch Rd - Arguably the greatest driving road in New England
There’s also this: The North East of the United States is so populous it leaves almost nowhere to stretch the car’s legs. There are a few select, empty stretches of road in rural New Hampshire, a 2-hour drive away - but nothing on my doorstep comparable to what I had in Ireland. This has drastically eroded my petrol-fueled desires.

Lastly, there’s the cost of parking downtown: $430/month for a full-time space, or a little over $5k per year. It was becoming absurd to pay this much for parking, and not regularly use the car. Thus, the sensible call was to sell.

This car was my second E46 generation BMW M3, and I still maintain it’s one of the best cars ever made. It’s brought me on road trips from as far north as Maine, as far south as Washington DC, and as far high as Mt. Washington.

Anybody who knows me will attest that I’m a devout follower of the altar of petrol. Call it what you will - a cat nut, a petrolhead, it’s always been a huge interest of mine. It was a decision made with my head and not the heart - it just made sense! Maybe I’ll own another M3 in my future, but for now, I’m carless & OK with this.